You showed up right one time, love.

You and I?

We are in this together.

By sharing how I live and why I choose to create the life I live the way I do, I hope you find strength within yourself to live your truth as well.

What I write here is about why I do what I do.

It is a declaration to the life I most want to live — and so I do.

It is not a source of preachy you-need-to-do-this-or-you-will-fail.

It is not a how-to, but more of a… why-not?

It is not a sermon.

It’s more about celebrating where I’ve gone.

Where I’m going.

Where I am.

It is a reflection.

Some of it is prophecy, as I set intentions + manifest things into my reality that I’ve always wanted to experience.

I write about what makes me feel alive, connected, creative, courageous, free, and loving.

I want to encourage you to explore more about what makes you feel alive…

…so, what does make you feel alive?

Write it down.

Paste it on your wall.

And do whatever you can to bring more of that into your life.

I am so grateful you are here with me.

Namasté and good vibes,



Because you're a creative soul seeker.